• Hugh McFall

    Hugh McFall

    Writer, reader. Product Marketing Manager at Samsara.

  • Jose Byron Gonzalez

    Jose Byron Gonzalez

  • jrlapides2


    physicist, data science, interested in all math and science, enabling the scientific entrepreneur

  • P Thomas

    P Thomas

  • Tony Forcucci

    Tony Forcucci

    I share travel, business, and rational thought life lessons from experiencing the world up close to help you improve your life. tonyforcucci.com

  • Mary Gale

    Mary Gale

  • Steven John

    Steven John

  • aviva gabriel

    aviva gabriel

    Writer; djembe + conga drummer; MSc/Clinical Nutrition; MFA/Poetry; informationist; progressive; jazz + ethno music lover. RTs not necessarily endorsements.

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